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How Will Stretch Therapy Help Me?

Stretch therapy

What is stretch therapy?

Stretch therapy is performed by a physical therapist or stretch therapy professional. If you’re receiving this type of treatment, you’ll be lying on a table as your therapist performs slow, smooth assisted stretching techniques. Straps are used to help stabilize parts of the body that aren’t being stretched to help make the movements more effective and relaxing.

The stretching is performed on fascia, spiderweb-like connective tissue that wraps and supports parts of your body such as muscles, bones, and tendons. As the therapist grasps the tissue and moves its underlying structures, the consistency of the tissue is changed, and your tissues and joints are able to move better. You’ll also have fewer imbalances and structural dysfunctions.

Who would make a good candidate for the service?

People who work out – If you work out regularly or are a “weekend warrior,” you probably get used to little pains and may not pay attention to them. Stretch therapy works as a sort of “prehab,” (as opposed to rehab), since it can help catch an issue you may not pay much attention to, such as tightness. By helping address these issues early, stretch therapy can help prevent injuries.

People who want an effective complement to their regular health regimen – This type of therapy can help with issues such as chronic pain, mobility, flexibility, posture, and body alignment.

People who want to relax – A regular massage can certainly be relaxing, but patients who swear by stretch therapy say it produces a much deeper feeling of relaxation and rejuvenation compared to traditional massage.

People who have scar tissue – As scars develop, they pull on the surrounding tissue and can cause pain. Fascial stretch therapy can break up scar tissue and increase the range of motion in injured areas.

People affected by workplace body stress – The therapy can help workers who perform repetitive movements, from working at a factory job to sitting in an office chair all day.

What are some of the top reasons people choose this type of therapy?

Fascial stretch therapy has a wide variety of benefits, and the following are some of the top reasons people choose this type of therapy:

To recover faster – This therapy reduces soreness and improves the blood flow to tired muscles.

To rehabilitate an injury – By breaking up scar tissue and increasing the range of motion at and around the injury, stretch therapy is a powerful rehab tool.

To avoid painful therapies – Unlike many therapies that work toward similar goals, stretch therapy is gentle and relaxing rather than painful.

To learn whether stretch therapy could be a beneficial treatment for you, make an appointment today with Performance Health in New York City. We have a team of more than 30 providers who are top specialists in their fields and provide expert care under one roof.

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