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Keeping up with your New Year’s Resolutions

New Years Resolutions

New Year’s resolutions can start out with the best of intentions, but they’re often hard to sustain. Keeping your health-related resolutions can have a significant impact on your quality of life as well as your longevity, so they’re among the most important you can make – and keep. The following tips from the experienced team of healthcare providers at Performance Health in NYC provide some good ways to help you keep your New Year’s resolutions:

Find a community

Everything’s easier when you have a friend or group who share your resolutions and will help motivate and support you in them. This can include a group of coworkers you like to walk with during lunch, a friend who loves to try new healthy recipes with you, or even an online supportive community.

Reassess your resolutions

A resolution doesn’t have to be written in stone. It’s OK to reevaluate your plans and modify them. After all, the goal is a better, healthier you, not perfection. If you’ve been losing weight but not as quickly as you want, you may need to alter your weekly, monthly, or yearly goals. The same is true of workout plans or resolving to eat healthier foods. It’s better to realistically modify your plan than to abandon it completely.

Celebrate how far you’ve come

Small steps and changes should be celebrated. Instead of berating yourself for what you haven’t done, concentrate on what you’ve accomplished, no matter how small. If you have an all-or-nothing approach, you’re more likely to feel as though you’ve failed the first time you miss a workout or make an unhealthy choice. Reward yourself with a massage, good book, or other treat at regular intervals to help you stay motivated.

Consider it a lifestyle change

Think in terms of changing your lifestyle – and health – for the better rather that just reaching for a goal. After all, that’s why you made the resolution in the first place: to make a positive lifestyle change. Realize that this change is important and long-lasting so that you’re working toward it rather than trying to make quick, unrealistic changes that will soon be abandoned. The journey is more important than the outcome, so if you’re trying to lose weight, focus more on the workouts you’ve completed and the healthy choices you’ve made rather than strictly on the scale.

Make time for what’s important

You may need to schedule your time more precisely to ensure that you can keep up with your resolutions. For example, you may need to get up a little earlier to make time to go for a walk or head to the gym. You may also need to go grocery shopping on the weekend and plan healthy meals and snacks for the week ahead so you’re not tempted to eat out or hit the office snack machine.

To find out more about how to keep your health-related New Year’s resolutions, make an appointment with the healthcare providers at Performance Health in NYC today. We’re dedicated to helping you reshape your body and mindset so you can experience a more vibrant life.

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