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How Will Stretch Therapy Help Me?

What is stretch therapy? Stretch therapy is performed by a physical therapist or stretch therapy professional. If you’re receiving this type of treatment, you’ll be lying on a ...
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The Ins and Outs of Biopuncture

For patients who experience pain or inflammation-related issues such as asthma, treatment often involves medication that masks the issue rather than fixes it. Biopuncture, on the other hand, ...
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The Importance of a Self-Breast Exam

Should you perform a breast self-exam? You should be performing this exam at least once a month. Although mammograms can sometimes detect cancer before you can feel a ...
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Managing Lupus

Lupus is a chronic inflammatory disease that causes your immune system to attack healthy cells and tissues, often resulting in muscle pain and other symptoms. Symptoms can range ...
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How Proper Nutrition Can Help Manage Your Pain

If you suffer from pain, you may think about medication, physical therapy, heat and/or ice treatments, and other ways to help manage it. Food, however, can also play ...
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